Source code for smqtk.algorithms.nn_index.lsh.functors

Interface and plugin getter for LSH algorithm hash generation functors.
import abc

from smqtk.algorithms import SmqtkAlgorithm

[docs]class LshFunctor (SmqtkAlgorithm): """ Locality-sensitive hashing functor interface. The aim of such a function is to be able to generate hash codes (bit-vectors) such that similar items map to the same or similar hashes with a high probability. In other words, it aims to maximize hash collision for similar items. **Building Models** Some hash functions want to build a model based on some training set of descriptors. Due to the non-standard nature of algorithm training and model building, please refer to the specific implementation for further information on whether model training is needed and how it is accomplished. """ def __call__(self, descriptor): return self.get_hash(descriptor)
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def get_hash(self, descriptor): """ Get the locality-sensitive hash code for the input descriptor. :param descriptor: Descriptor vector we should generate the hash of. :type descriptor: numpy.ndarray[float] :return: Generated bit-vector as a numpy array of booleans. :rtype: numpy.ndarray[bool] """