Source code for smqtk.representation.data_set

import abc
from import Set

from smqtk.representation import SmqtkRepresentation
from smqtk.utils.plugin import Pluggable

[docs]class DataSet (Set, SmqtkRepresentation, Pluggable): """ Abstract interface for data sets, that contain an arbitrary number of ``DataElement`` instances of arbitrary implementation type, keyed on ``DataElement`` UUID values. This should only be used with DataElements whose byte content is expected not to change. If they do, then UUID keys may no longer represent the elements associated with them. """ def __len__(self): """ :return: Number of elements in this DataSet. :rtype: int """ return self.count() def __getitem__(self, uuid): return self.get_data(uuid) def __contains__(self, d): """ Different than has_uuid() because this takes another DataElement instance, not a UUID. :param d: DataElement to test for containment :type d: smqtk.representation.DataElement :return: True of this DataSet contains the given data element. Since, :rtype: bool """ return self.has_uuid(d.uuid()) @abc.abstractmethod def __iter__(self): """ :return: Generator over the DataElements contained in this set in no particular order. """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def count(self): """ :return: The number of data elements in this set. :rtype: int """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def uuids(self): """ :return: A new set of uuids represented in this data set. :rtype: set """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def has_uuid(self, uuid): """ Test if the given uuid refers to an element in this data set. :param uuid: Unique ID to test for inclusion. This should match the type that the set implementation expects or cares about. :type uuid: :return: True if the given uuid matches an element in this set, or False if it does not. :rtype: bool """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def add_data(self, *elems): """ Add the given data element(s) instance to this data set. *NOTE: Implementing methods should check that input elements are in fact DataElement instances.* :param elems: Data element(s) to add :type elems: smqtk.representation.DataElement """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def get_data(self, uuid): """ Get the data element the given uuid references, or raise an exception if the uuid does not reference any element in this set. :raises KeyError: If the given uuid does not refer to an element in this data set. :param uuid: The uuid of the element to retrieve. :type uuid: :return: The data element instance for the given uuid. :rtype: smqtk.representation.DataElement """