Source code for smqtk.representation.detection_element_factory

from smqtk.representation import (
from smqtk.utils.configuration import (
from smqtk.utils.dict import merge_dict

[docs]class DetectionElementFactory (SmqtkRepresentation): """ Factory class for producing DetectionElement instances of a specified type and configuration. """ __slots__ = ('_elem_type', '_elem_config')
[docs] @classmethod def get_default_config(cls): # Override from Configurable return make_default_config(DetectionElement.get_impls())
[docs] @classmethod def from_config(cls, config_dict, merge_default=True): # Override from Configurable if merge_default: config_dict = merge_dict(cls.get_default_config(), config_dict) elem_type, elem_conf = cls_conf_from_config_dict( config_dict, DetectionElement.get_impls() ) return DetectionElementFactory(elem_type, elem_conf)
def __init__(self, elem_type, elem_config): """ Initialize the factory to produce DetectionElement instance of the given type and configuration. :param type[DetectionElement] elem_type: Instantiable type of DetectionElement this factory should produce. :param dict elem_config: JSON-compliant dictionary configuration that is to be supplied to the input type's ``from_config`` class method. If the ``uuid`` key happens to be present in this dictionary it will be ignored """ self._elem_type = elem_type self._elem_config = elem_config
[docs] def get_config(self): return cls_conf_to_config_dict(self._elem_type, self._elem_config)
[docs] def new_detection(self, uuid): """ Create a new DetectionElement instance o the configured implementation. :param uuid: UUID to assign the element. :return: New DetectionElement instance. :rtype: DetectionElement """ # noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences return self._elem_type.from_config(self._elem_config, uuid)
__call__ = new_detection