Source code for smqtk.web

SMQTK Web Applications

import inspect
import os

import flask

from smqtk.utils import SmqtkObject
from smqtk.utils.configuration import Configurable
from smqtk.utils.dict import merge_dict
from smqtk.utils.plugin import Pluggable

# noinspection PyAbstractClass
[docs]class SmqtkWebApp (SmqtkObject, flask.Flask, Configurable, Pluggable): """ Base class for SMQTK web applications """
[docs] @classmethod def impl_directory(cls): """ :return: Directory in which this implementation is contained. :rtype: str """ return os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(inspect.getfile(cls)))
[docs] @classmethod def get_default_config(cls): """ Generate and return a default configuration dictionary for this class. This will be primarily used for generating what the configuration dictionary would look like for this class without instantiating it. This should be overridden in each implemented application class to add appropriate configuration. :return: Default configuration dictionary for the class. :rtype: dict """ return { "flask_app": { "SECRET_KEY": "MySuperUltraSecret", "BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME": "demo", "BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD": "demo" }, "server": { 'host': "", 'port': 5000 } }
[docs] @classmethod def from_config(cls, config_dict, merge_default=True): """ Override to just pass the configuration dictionary to constructor """ # Repeated from super method due to overriding how constructor is called if merge_default: merged = cls.get_default_config() merge_dict(merged, config_dict) config_dict = merged return cls(config_dict)
def __init__(self, json_config): """ Initialize application based of supplied JSON configuration :param json_config: JSON configuration dictionary :type json_config: dict """ super(SmqtkWebApp, self).__init__( self.__class__.__name__, static_folder=os.path.join(self.impl_directory(), 'static'), template_folder=os.path.join(self.impl_directory(), 'templates') ) # # Configuration setup # self.json_config = json_config # Factor 'flask_app' configuration properties into self.config for k in self.json_config['flask_app']: self.config[k] = self.json_config['flask_app'][k] # # Security # self.secret_key = self.config['SECRET_KEY']
[docs] def get_config(self): return self.json_config
[docs] def run(self, host=None, port=None, debug=False, **options): """ Override of the run method, drawing running host and port from configuration by default. 'host' and 'port' values specified as argument or keyword will override the app configuration. """ super(SmqtkWebApp, self)\ .run(host=(host or self.json_config['server']['host']), port=(port or self.json_config['server']['port']), debug=debug, **options)