SMQTK v0.11.0 Release Notes

This minor release includes a number of security and stability fixes for algorithms and the IQR demo web application.

Updates / New Features since v0.10.0


  • Updated IQR Demo Application documentation RST file and images to reflect the current state of SMQTK and that process.

Fixes since v0.10.0


  • Classifiers

    • SVM

      • Fixed broken large model saving in Python 2, creating parity with Python 3.
  • Nearest-Neighbors

    • FAISS

      • Fixed use of strings for compatibility with Python 2.
      • Fixed broken large model saving in Python 2, creating parity with Python 3.
    • FLANN

      • Fixed broken large model saving in Python 2, creating parity with Python 3.
    • Hash Index

      • Scikit-Learn BallTree

        • Fix save_model and load_model methods for additional compatibility with scikit-learn version 0.20.0.
    • LSH

      • Fix issue with update and remove methods when constructed with a key-value store structure that use the frozenset type.
      • Fix issue with on-the-fly linear hash index build which was previously not correctly setting a set of integers.

Descriptor Generator Plugins

  • Fix issue with CaffeDescriptorGenerator where the GPU would not be appropriately used on a separate thread/process after initialization occurs on the main (or some other) thread.


  • IQR Playground

    • Updated README for better instruction on creating the docker image first.
  • Caffe image

    • Resolved an issue with upgrading pip for a newer version of matplotlib.


  • Removed module mocking in sphinx as it has been shown to be brittle to changes in the source code. If we isolate and document a use-case where the mocking becomes relevant again we can bring it back.


  • Update requests and flask package version in requirements.txt and devops/docker/smqtk_wrapper_python/requirements.txt files due to GitHub security alert.
  • Updated package versions for packages in the requirements file.


  • Fixed broken large file writing in Python 2, creating parity with Python 3.
  • Fixed script for the current state of SMQTK functionality.
  • Fixed double logging issue in python/smqtk/bin/ tool.


  • IQR Search Demo App

    • Fixed input element autocomplete property value being set from disabled” to the correct value of “off”.
    • Fix CSRF vulnerability in demo web application front-end.
    • Fixed sample configuration files for the current state of associated tools.